Optimal Marital Asset Division

A fair division of marital assets is key to maintaining your lifestyle in the long term. Whether you are the higher wage earner and contributor to the marital estate or not, there will be important points to focus on as you navigate the division of marital assets. The experienced N.H. high net worth divorce attorneys at SekellaLaw, PLLC, will seek all necessary information to make sure an appropriate division of assets takes place as part of the divorce process. Your financial future depends on the financial information sought and obtained from you and your spouse. To prepare to negotiate that financial future, your lawyer will need the following:

  • Complete Knowledge of All Finances and Owned Property
  • Correct Valuation of All Assets
  • Proper Assessment of Businesses or a Professional Practice
  • An Equitable Share of All Applicable Retirement Investments and Pensions

After gathering all marital financial information, our N.H. divorce attorneys will collaborate with you to create a plan to pursue a fair distribution of assets in negotiation or litigation. We will listen to your concerns about the divorce and support the goals you have for yourself and your children.