Family Law Manchester NH Creating Proactive Protections

Prenuptial agreements are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Written to fit your individual situation, this type of legal agreement can not only safeguard certain assets, it can clearly state each spouse's rights to property and assets in the event of death or divorce.

At SekellaLaw, PLLC, in Manchester, our NH divorce attorneys have significant experience in writing and reviewing prenuptial agreements that address the treatment of specific assets and net worth. Even though you may be busy planning a wedding, it is worthwhile to carve out some time with an experienced lawyer to formalize your long-term strategy in a legal document.

Solving Issues Before They Occur

While a prenuptial agreement may not seem like the most romantic thing to do before the wedding, it is a practical statement about who owns what, and how future events will or will not impact ownership in the event of divorce.

This legal agreement is a chance to proactively deal with possible disputes between spouses before they have a chance to occur. While each agreement is unique, common issues covered in prenups include:

  • Alimony rights
  • Property division
  • Life insurance benefit disbursement
  • Asset control

A Smart Second-Marriage Strategy

Establishing this type of agreement is a smart move for a second marriage when both spouses have children and/or assets from their previous marriages. By stipulating who will own what after a death or divorce, a prenup can recognize assets that each spouse brings into the union. It also formalizes each spouse's commitment to their children. If the marriage ends in divorce, having a prenuptial agreement in place keeps property named in the document from going somewhere you don't want it to go.

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