Family Lawyer Manchester NH Can Help Modify Your Court Order

Whenever an individual has been involved in a family law matter that resulted in court orders involving support payments or parenting and custody, there often comes a time when modification of those orders is necessary. When such a need arises, it's important to understand the various types of court orders and modifications to implement a sound strategy for your future.

At SekellaLaw, PLLC, our NH custody attorneys have over 35 years' combined experience helping individuals and families throughout New Hampshire seek modification of court orders to satisfy their current and changing needs. We are dedicated to providing you the legal support you need to protect yourself, your children and your finances.

Child Support And Custody Modification

People typically seek modification of two different types of family court orders: support and parenting/child custody.

  • Child support modification — In cases of child support, modification functions in a particular way. An obligor/payor or an obligee/payee may apply to the court for modification of their support obligation (child or spousal). One is eligible to apply if a period of three years has passed since the last order (on child support) or in some situations if there is a substantial change in circumstances (child and spousal support). Our team of New Hampshire child custody lawyers can counsel you concerning the benefit of pursuing this type of modification.
  • Parental rights and responsibilities — In cases of parental rights and responsibilities, also formerly known as custody and visitation, either parent may petition the court for modification. A court may consider modification under special circumstances, for example if one parent is interfering with the parental rights of the other. Characteristics of interference include:
    • Repetition
    • Intent
    • Unwarranted

An additional type of modification a court may consider is if a child's present environment is detrimental to their physical, mental or emotional health. At SekellaLaw, PLLC, our Manchester NH divorce lawyers can help you seek modification based on these reasons or others.

Modify Your Custody Or Support Order

You don't have to suffer through a court order that no longer meets the needs of you or your children. The legal team at SekellaLaw, PLLC, has served New Hampshire in excess of 35 years and can help you pursue a modification that makes sense in your ever-changing life.

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