Protect Your Wealth and Your Rights During Divorce

Do you possess a substantial amount of property and assets? If the answer is "yes," then you may have more to lose during a divorce than others. When high net worth couples divorce, multiple issues may arise that are not associated with a typical divorce. High asset divorces in New Hampshire involve complicated tax issues and division of elaborate financial holdings and property, in addition to alimony and child support implications.

By seeking legal counsel from an experienced Manchester NH divorce lawyer at SekellaLaw, PLLC,you can rest assured knowing that we have the comprehensive knowledge and financial understanding to provide trusted representation in these types of divorce cases. We represent both men and women involved in high net worth divorce, bringing unfaltering professionalism to the table and the courtroom.

Asset and Property Protection

Some people will make every effort to avoid and prevent an accurate appraisal and division of the marital estate when confronted with the possibility of divorce. They may utilize tax shelters, multiple corporations, running personal expenses through business entities, taking or making loans, utilizing home equity loans or lines of credit to deliberately hide assets and extenuate their true net worth.

At SekellaLaw, PLLC,our legal team of New Hampshire divorce attorneys will work closely with professional experts, including forensic accountants, tax experts and appraisers for real estate and business to calculate income and value assets, as well as explain tax consequences. We offer guidance on the following issues related to high net worth divorce:

  • Bank accounts
  • NH complex property division
  • Division of businesses and professional practices
  • Division of retirement plans
  • Alimony with a high-income payor
  • Investments
  • Stock options
  • Marital estate assessment
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Real estate, including vacation homes
  • Vehicles, including recreational vehicles and boats
  • Collections

Your Premier Family Attorney in Manchester, NH

Are you worried about the outcome of your divorce case and your future? At SekellaLaw, PLLC,our experienced Manchester NH divorce attorneys provide sound, practical legal guidance to people facing a high net worth divorce. We are dedicated to protecting your assets, as well as your rights.

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